Plaza Senayan Level 4 No. 410
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Phone +6221 5790 0140
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The newly established French bistro, bar and patisserie located in Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta, is fast becoming a favorite thanks to its unique offerings of good food, warm atmosphere and sociable crowd.

As its name suggests, Garçon is all about exploring the delights of youth. It boasts a classy Parisian theme with modern, chic and edgy twists in the form of geometric designs dominated by white wooden panels and custom-ordered monochromatic tiles.

Chef Camille

Garçon Head Chef

The food offering itself is a combination of all things fashionable yet classy. Headed by Chef Camille Benedetto, who has been trained for 18 years in classic French cuisine with a Mediterranean infusion, the kitchen formulates all sorts of butter creamed recipes typical of French dishes but also has touches of southern ingredients predominated by olive oil, basil and tomatoes.

“To give an even more personal touch for our diners, we focus on bringing out specials of the day which will be regularly written out on the resident blackboard” - Chef Camille.

Plaza Senayan Level 4 No. 410,

Jalan Asia Afrika No.8, Gelora, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

Opening Hours

Open daily from 10 am till late

For reservations please contact +6221 5790 0140
or email reservation@bistrogarcon.com