Casino – Why Are Casinos So Popular?


After the tremendous success of Goodfellas, it was no surprise that Universal would be more than happy to sign Casino, another mob-themed Scorsese movie starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. With its slick gangster aesthetic and focus on violent, profane criminality, it looked like a money maker. And indeed it was, netting over $50 million in the United States alone.

One of the main reasons why casinos are popular is that they provide a fun and exciting form of entertainment. They offer a variety of different games that can be enjoyed by all ages. These games can include everything from slots and blackjack to poker and roulette. Many of these games also involve a certain amount of skill, which can help improve your decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities.

Another important benefit of casinos is that they can provide a source of income for local communities. In some cases, these revenues can be used to fund essential community services and projects. This can help reduce unemployment rates and increase the average wages in the surrounding area.

Casino is filled with plenty of captivating themes and brilliant side-characters (including James Woods as a lowlife con-man and Vinny Vella as the long-suffering Artie Piscano), but Sharon Stone’s performance as Nicky is easily its most compelling element. Her portrayal of a predatory, self-serving, snakelike character is one of the finest of her career. And that’s saying something given how many other brilliant performances she’s delivered over the years.

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